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Congratulations, you have reached The Black Cat's Lair. Here you'll behold the gems of The Pride, a gang owned by The Black Cat herself. You don't know The Black Cat? Then perhaps you've heard of my sister, Tanya Vanderflock? Well, they're one in the same! Feel free to explore her lair. There are adventurous tales and awe inspiring artwork to occupy your mind. Now I bid you farewell, and have a purrfect time!

Screengrabs of all your favorite Mighty Ducks episodes. Catching the characters at their best...or worst.

Find out about the characters of the show and a few of my own Mighty Ducks creations!

Here's my collection of Mighty Ducks fanfics. There's a lot of Tanya/Duke stuff here for those of you who find them to be a classy couple. ^_~

The secret gallery of Duke L'Orange features my Mighty Ducks fanart, and possibly guest/gift art...should I receive any.

Who's got the coolest links to all the hockey playing ducks? Nosedive of course! And he's posted all his happening links on this page!

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Long time no see visitors. :D You've probably noticed the lack of updates here. I'm planning to reconstruct my main site and combine it with fics/pics from this one. There's no telling how long that will take though so please be patient. It'll be much easier for me to maintain a single site than two or three separate ones. Thank you all for your visits, feedback, and support. ^_^


Attention Visitors: I'm currently in the process of redesigning my entire main site. When I'm done there's a strong possibility that I'll be doing the same with this site. So for the time being any updates to fanfics, etc. won't be posted here. New fanfic chapters will still be posted at FanFiciton.Net under my penname Amanda/Artiste so please continue to read and review. Thanks for your patience and enjoy what's currently on the site!


There's a new pic up of Jazz Billeres in the gallery. I've also thrown up a holiday banner. The characters are actually my Yu-Gi-Oh creations but hey, who says ducks can't be YGO fans? Anyways, Happy Holidays everyone!


Not many updates right now. I'm kinda swamped with college and all. But I do wanna wish all my site's visitors and fellow Mighty Ducks fans a safe and Happy Halloween! O.O


Long time no updates huh? Well I've updated "The Black Cat", "Crimes of the Heart", and "Hidden Agendas". Most of the chapters have only been at fanfiction.net til now. Well I'm gonna get back to typing fics and coloring fanart. I'll try and update this site sooner. Keep visiting! ^_^

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